Position Statement

I am honored to be a candidate for IEEE Computer Society President.  If elected President, I plan to continue preparing the Computer Society for the future to enrich the lives and careers of our volunteers and members.  I recognize that our volunteers and members contribute their intellectual property and time to make the Computer Society the premiere computing technology organization.  My President’s candidate position statement is presented below.

Position Statement

The IEEE Computer Society is a leader in the computing technology field.  We offer world class magazines and transactions, the largest conference portfolio of any IEEE Society, trusted software standards, educational accreditation and certification products, and a technical forum for emerging future technologists.  However, we are faced with challenges from tighter budgets and slowing revenue growth.  The open information access available via the Internet and emerging social media information exchange models are impacting how our information is accessed.

My plan is to involve our leading experts and members/volunteers to help shape the future changes of products and services so that the Computer Society remains the premiere source of computing technology.  Some of my key areas of focus will be

        1. Creating new publication ideas for our world-class magazines and transactions, including
          • introducing more interactive content viewing
          • developing mobile device applications to access information, and
          • personalizing content searches.
        2. Expanding our proven educational programs by
          • offering certificate courses for students and practicing engineers and
          • providing an on-line, self-paced coursework to prepare graduates to learn new skills.
        3. Enabling professional networking and technical community collaboration through
          • fostering special technical communities and
          • personalizing information exchange using social media methods.
        4. Supporting conference organizers by
          • funding new methods such as rock stars of big data and
          • developing time-saving conference organizing tools.
        5. Promoting software standards development and use for
          • addressing new emerging technologies.

As a 35-year volunteer, I have been involved at both the grass-roots and leadership levels of conferences, publications, standards development, education initiatives, future technology initiatives, strategic planning, Fellow selection, awards selection, and governance.  From this experience, I saw how volunteers working together develop the right solutions.

I am very proud of Computer Society volunteers and members who freely give their time to make our Society the premiere computing technology source.  As President, I would be honored to work with all our talented Computer Society volunteers and members to create a path to the future.