IEEE and IEEE Computer Society Activities

Currently I serve as the Division VIII Director on the IEEE Board of Directors (2012-2014).  By serving as Director, I have gained the perspective and understanding on how the IEEE organization operates and how decisions made at the IEEE level impact societies like the Computer Society.    In my Director role, I serve on standing committees of the Board of Directors and President where strategic planning and policy positions are drafted, IEEE operations are reviewed, and new initiatives are proposed.  The following are the list of committees that I have served or continuing to serve.

          • IEEE Board of Directors, Division VIII Director (2012-2014)
          • IEEE Foundation Board, member (2015-2017) – Philanthropic services to support IEEE core purpose of fostering technology for the benefit of humanity.
          • IEEE Joint Review Committee, member (2014) – Reviews and recommends philanthropic projects for the IEEE Foundation
          • IEEE Roles and Responsibilities Committee, member (2014) – Defining description of roles and responsibilities of key IEEE officers
          • IEEE Committee on Information Technology (IT), member (2014)
          • IEEE Committee on Code of Conduct, member (2014)
          • IEEE Conflict Resolution Committee, member (2013-2014)
          • IEEE Industry Advisory Committee, member (2014)
          • IEEE Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee, member (2013)
          • IEEE Strategic Planning for Continuing Professional Eduction, member (2013)
          • IEEE Fellow Selection Committee, member

I served on the IEEE Computer Society leadership roles as 1st Vice President, member of the Board of Governors, and Vice President of the Standards Activity Board.  I  also served and continue to serve on Computer Society committees for awards selection, strategic planning, future technology initiatives, publications services, and standards development.  These roles are listed below.

          • IEEE Computer Society 1st Vice President (2010)
          • IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors, member (2007-2009)
          • IEEE Computer Society Vice President of the Standards Activity Board (2009-2011)
          • IEEE Computer Society Publications Ad Hoc Committee, chair (2014)
          • IEEE Computer Society Strategic Planning Committee (SP7), chair (2010)
          • IEEE Computer Society Future Technologies – Smart Grid, chair (2012-2013)
          • IEEE Computer Society Hans Karlsson Award Committee, chair (2012-2014)
          • IEEE Computer Society Press Operations Committee, chair (2003-2005)
          • IEEE Computer Society IEEE Std 1012 Working Group, chair (1985 – present)
          • IEEE Computer Society ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 International Software Engineering Standards, USA chair and Head of Delegation (1988-1992)
          • IEEE Computer Society Editor-in-Chief Selection Committee, member (2008)
          • IEEE Computer Society Software Magazine, Go-Guest Editor, Software Verification and Validation (May 1989)

The picture is the 2014 IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors