My significant accomplishments as an IEEE Computer Society volunteer and leader are listed below.  I am most proud of these accomplishments because they created positive change for our volunteers and society.  I am indebted to all the volunteers and Computer Society staff who contributed to these accomplishments.

1.  Strategic Planning

As chair of the 2010 Strategic Planning Committee, I led the development of the Computer Society’s Strategic Plan (SP7) describing five focused strategic goals and action plan roadmaps.

          • Developed the five focused strategic goals reflecting the core values of the Computer Society:  1)  Future Technologies; 2) Knowledge Creation; 3) Education and Professional Development; 4) Outreach and Engagement; and 5) Special Technical Communities
          • Defined detailed action plans and implementation roadmap for each strategic goal
          • Developed a methodology to tie funding of new initiatives to the action plans and implementation roadmap.

2.  International Software Engineering Standards

As United States chairman and head of delegation for International Software Engineering Standards, I coordinated the adoption of IEEE Computer Society and ISO/IEC standards for use by major government agencies.

          • Worked an alliance with government agencies (Department of Defense, Federal Drug Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission) to adopt a common set of IEEE Computer Society and ISO/IEC software standards for use in government contracts and program developments.  This adoption led to a series of software engineering process standards that supported the basis of CMMI and other unifying process conformance models.
          • Spearheaded the development and adoption of ISO/IEC Std 12207 (Software Life Cycle Management Process) – a key standard for the common definition of software life cycle processes.  This standard is now widely used in major software development contracts.

3.  Publications – Future Publishing Model

As chair of the Publications Ad Hoc Committee, I worked with the committee to develop recommendations for a future publishing model to prepare our magazines and transactions for the future of publishing including ideas on “Community Editing,” total digital content with interactive viewing, and cross-disciplinary new content generation.

          • Worked with magazine Editors-in-Chief and Vice President of the Publications Board to begin the transition to the future publishing model.

4.  Standards – Cloud Computing

As Vice President of the Standards Activity Board, I worked with the board members to obtain approval for Cloud Computing to be Standards Development Subcommittee.

          • Worked with the Cloud Computing team to develop the policies and procedures to qualify Cloud Computing as a standards generation subcommittee.

5.  Publications – Book Publishing Program

As Press Operations Committee chair, I worked with the IEEE Computer Society staff to revitalize and save the society’s book publishing program.

          • Worked an alliance agreement with Wiley Press to partner in the promotion and publication of IEEE Computer Society book content
          • Obtained $200K annual royalty payment from Wiley Press to continue the Computer Society’s Press Operations
          • Created a new outlet for CS book authors to have access to and distribution channels in the Wiley book network (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders).

6.  Standards – Wide Use of IEEE Std 1012

As chairperson of IEEE Std 1012 working group, I led the effort to develop the software engineering standard that is used to certify critical software systems.

          • Successful developed and balloted IEEE Std 1012 -System and Software Verification and Validation
          • Promoted the wide use of IEEE Std 1012 worldwide to certify critical software systems such as nuclear weapon systems (DoD), manned space flight systems (NASA), radiation therapy devices (Federal Drug Administration), nuclear power plant systems (Nuclear Regulatory Agency and other international country regulatory body), and large-scale local government systems.
          • Created new concepts in multi-level software integrity levels, certification criteria for performance and safety, V&V testing processes, and coupling of hazard, risk, and security analysis with critical V&V processes.

7.  Professional Development – Industry Practitioner Outreach

As a member of the Board of Governors, I worked with CS Staff to promote new industry practitioners involvement in the Computer Society.

          • Worked with Computer Society staff to involve Northrop Grumman’s 20,000 employees in the Corporate Affiliate Pilot Program giving the employees key access to Computer Society products and services.

8.  Future Technologies – Smart Grid

As chair of the Computer Society Smart Grid future technologies initiative, I lead a team of Smart Grid experts to develop the Computer Society’s 2030 Smart Grid Vision Document.

          • Worked with the Smart Grid team to recruit 30 academic, industry, and government experts to develop the Computer Society’s 2030 Smart Grid Vision Document.
          • Started a Smart Grid standards framework project design to define the interface structure and protocol(s) of a Smart Grid computing architecture.