I am indebted to the following colleagues who have endorsed my candidacy for IEEE Computer Society President.

Edward Addy, PhD, PMP
Manager Programs
Northrop Grumman Information Systems

It is an honor and privilege to endorse Roger Fujii for the position of President-Elect of the IEEE Computer Society.  Roger has extensive experience both as a strong executive in the technology industry and as a productive leader in many areas of IEEE CS.  However, beyond the requisite experience, Roger has the skill of a true systems engineer to approach issues from a holistic point of view, balancing influences and consequences from multiple directions.  His abilities to envision the future based on evolving technology and to encourage and motivate people will be invaluable in maintaining and improving IEEE CS as the premiere source of computing technology.”

Hal Berghel, PhD
ACM and IEEE Fellow
Out-of-Band Columnist, IEEE Computer

“I can’t think of anyone in whom I have more confidence for the leadership of the Computer Society than Roger Fujii.  Having worked with him over these years in several professional capacities, I have come to hold him in the highest regard.  I strongly encourage you to support his candidacy for President.”

David Cartes, PhD
Professor & Director (retired)
Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability (IESES)
Program Lead, Control and Automation, Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS)
Florida State University

“Roger Fujii is one of the most inspirational leaders that I have had the pleasure to associate in my 38 years of professional life, as a naval officer and power engineer.  It was people like Roger that encouraged me to shift my professional activities from Power and Energy to the Computer Society.  In the past three years, I have co-authored Smart Grid Vision for Computers:  2030 and Beyond, initiated the IEEE Standards Working Group P2030.4 A Draft Guide for Control and Automation Installations Applied to the Electric Power Infrastructure within the Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society, and I now chair the Special Technical Community on Computing and Smart Grid of the IEEE Computer Society.  This is a story about Roger as much as it is about me.  Roger notices talent, motivates it, gives it necessary resources and then mentors the eventual success.  But more importantly, it is his inspirational character that makes you feel the Computer Society is your home.  Roger is a top candidate for Computer Society President.”

Paul R. Croll
PR Croll, LLC

“I’ve known Roger Fujii for over thirty years.  He has always been a visionary and a leader, both in his volunteer work with the Computer Society and in his professional career.  He understands fiscal responsibility and organizational leadership and has an undeniable talent for growing organizations, as evidenced by his success in running one of the largest business units in Northrop Grumman Corporation.  He is a technologist’s technologist, from his landmark work leading our verification and validation standardization efforts, to his being selected to kick start and coordinate the Society’s Smart Grid efforts.  Roger is adept at identifying, evaluating, and incorporating new technologies into Society efforts.  I most strongly endorse Roger Fujii for Computer Society President.”

James E. Dalton
General USAF (Ret)

“I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with Roger Fujii during my thirteen years with Logicon, Inc.  He is a recognized expert in the verification and validation of software, a critical aspect of key weapon systems.  Beyond that, he is a consummate manager capable of developing a team approach to solving complex problems.  The IEEE Computer Society would be well served to have someone as talented as Roger in the leadership position as the Society looks to the future.”

Ann DeMarle
Associate Dean Emergent Media, Champlain College
Vermont Council on the Arts Trustee
Images & Voices of Hope Trustee

“Serving beside Roger Fujii through the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors since 2009, I whole-heartedly recommend him as President of the IEEE Computer Society.  The Society has benefited from Roger’s drive, dedication, research orientation, and his ability to connect the Society’s offerings to the corporate world.  Most importantly, Roger would bring strong strategic vision to the presidency honed through his vice presidency at Northrop Grumman – a vision that would guide the Computer Society to success in the challenging environment in which we find ourselves.”

Jun Ding
Deputy Chief Engineer
TerraPower, LLC

“In the search of solution of future energy which is the third dream of Bill Gates, TerraPower is designing an innovated nuclear power system called Travelling Wave Reactor.  I am lucky enough to work with Roger Fujii on the IEEE 1012 committee which helped us to model the complicated engineering system through rigorous verification and validation process.  This is just a small example that any industry cab benefit from Mr. Fujii’s leadership.  I am fully supporting Mr. Fujii to be the President of the IEEE Computer Society which has the great responsibility to innovate the future.”

Jon Hagar
ISO-IEEE 29119 Software Test Project Editor
Grand Software Testing CEO – System/Software Consultant
Lockheed Martin (retired) Software Engineer

“I have worked with Roger Fujii on both ISO and IEEE committees.  This includes IEEE 1012 V&V standard over many years, and most recently the joint ISO and IEEE working group efforts to investigate IEEE 1012 becoming an ISO standard.  I have found Roger to be knowledgeable in the areas of software and computer systems.  He is skilled in dealing with other people and cares about finding solutions that move the computer industry forward.  I have followed Roger’s insights in various standard efforts for decades, having used information he provided in many real world work contexts.  I know he will bring all of these qualities and skills as President of the Computer Society.”

Claude J. Hashem
Vice President
L-3 Communications

“I’ve had the privilege and honor working with and for Roger Fujii when I was at Northrop Grumman.  Roger is an outstanding and passionate leader at every task and a true professional.  Over the last ten years, I’ve also come to know Roger personally and I can attest that he has unequivocal personal integrity and passions for his current duties at the IEEE Computer Society.  I fully endorse Mr. Fujii for the position of President, IEEE Computer Society.”

Susan K. (Kathy) Land, CSDP
Chief Engineer/Deputy PM

“I have known Roger for many years, both professionally and as an IEEE volunteer, and cannot think of a more qualified candidate.  I would like to fully and enthusiastically provide my endorsement of Roger for IEEE Computer Society President!”

Phillip A. Laplante, CSDP, PE, PhD
Professor of Software Engineering
Affiliate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Penn State

“I have worked with Roger on several committees and the Board of Governors over quite a few years and have always enjoyed working with him.  He is dedicated, thoughtful, and diplomatic in all endeavors.  He has a world-class record of accomplishments as a professional and a volunteer and I know he will bring all of these qualities as President of the Computer Society.”

Paul Nikolich
Chairman,  IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Sponsor (2001-present)

“I have worked closely with Roger Fujii on standards development since his appointment to the Computer Society Vice President of Standards in 2010.  I have found him to be a knowledgeable, dedicated, hard-working, trustworthy volunteer with the best interests of the standards development community and the Computer Society in the forefront of his thinking and, more importantly, his actions.  His professional expertise in highly reliable software development provides a solid foundation for anticipating future directions in our industries.  One of the best qualities about Roger is that he maintains a close connection to the standards volunteers “on the ground” producing high quality global software standards, enabling him to represent the needs of the low-level member/volunteer constituency to the highest organizational levels in the Computer Society.  He listens and is humble despite his many accomplishments – rare yet critically important qualities as a leader.  And he puts the needs of the Society first.  We don’t have enough people like Roger in senior leadership  positions and I heartily endorse him for IEEE Computer Society President.”

Wanda Reder
Vice President
Power Systems Solutions
S&C Electric Company

“Roger Fujii is most deserving of the 2015 Computer Society President-Elect position.  I have had the privilege of serving with him in 2014 as a Director of the IEEE Board.  He brings senior-most leadership experience to the board room, is insightful, considers all perspectives when making decisions, a true visionary and very articulate.  When Roger speaks, people listen.  Please vote for Roger Fujii in this election.  He has my unwavering support.

Al Rotz
Senior IEEE Member
Retired from PPL Electric Utilities

“I have known Roger for a number of years, mostly via collaboration between the Computer Society and Power Energy Society.  He has always been a conscientious and dedicated volunteer. However, during 2013, I had the pleasure of serving with him on the TAB Conflict Resolution Committee.  During a case that was recently concluded, Roger’s skills and insights were inherent to arriving at a recommendation for resolution and moving forward.  He was extremely adept at probing for truths and sifting through a lot of discussions to arrive at logical communications.  Roger would be a great choice as President of the Computer Society.”

Neil Siegel, PhD
IEEE Fellow
National Academy of Engineering
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Northrop Grumman Information Technology

“I have know Roger Fujii for many years, from when we were colleagues at Northrop Grumman.  Roger is a great leader, and passionate about the IEEE and the mission of the Computer Society. He will be a great President.”

Chuck Walrad
President, Daven Consulting
Standards Column Editor, Computer Magazine

“I have worked with Roger as a co-volunteer at the Computer Society for at least 10 years and I have always admired how he applies his business leadership skills for the Computer Society.  While all of us as members of the Society can be expected to have great technical skills, Roger has also proven himself as a respected executive in the high-tech industry.  He will provide the acumen and perseverance we need in our Society’s president.”

Michael E. Waterman
Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“I have had the honor and privilege to work with Roger Fujii for two decades in the development of IEEE Computer Society standards.  Mr. Fujii’s outstanding leadership and professional management qualities have been instrumental in the development of the computer industry’s premiere source of verification and validation guidance and requirements.  His ability to forge strong alliances between groups of experts with diverse goals and viewpoints has served the IEEE well, and will be a valuable asset in advancing the goals of the IEEE Computer Society.  I can think of no other person who could better lead the IEEE Computer Society into the future.”