Welcome to Roger’s Website

Thanks for visiting my website.  I am using this website to give you a more detailed look at my volunteer and professional background.  I have organized my material into website separate website pages to make it easy to navigate through the data at you convenience.  I have created the following categories to cover my background:

            • Introduction

 This is a quick summary of all aspects of my background.  Other pages give more details on each category.

            • Position Statement

This my statement of the objectives that I have set if I am elected IEEE Computer Society President.

            • Accomplishments

 This page lists my major accomplishments that I am proud to share with you.

            • IEEE and IEEE Computer Society Activities

 I have served as a volunteer in most of the Computer Society activities so this page will list those activities in an organized fashion to give you a view of my role in each of those Computer Society activities.  I believe that this experience has given me a full understanding of how the Computer Society operates.  I served in leadership roles as 1st Vice President, member of the Board of Governors, Vice President of Standards Activity Board, and currently as Division VIII Director in the IEEE Board of Directors.

As a Director on the IEEE Board of Directors so I have seen how the larger IEEE operates and how its decisions impact societies like the Computer Society.  I have formed valuable working relationships with the IEEE staff that will be helpful in solving Computer Societies issues.

            • Curriculum Vitae

 I have provided more details on my professional career as Vice President of Northrop Grumman’s Network Communication Division.  Northrop Grumman has been the only company that I have worked for since graduating from the University of California, Berkeley.

            • Awards and Technical Publications

I have listed the awards in both my IEEE career and professional career.  Also, I have listed some of the papers that I have published.

            • Endorsements

 I have been privileged to have notable colleagues endorse my candidacy for IEEE Computer Society President.  Their comments are provided in this website page.

            • Charity and Other Volunteer Activities

 While the Computer Society and my professional career at Northrop Grumman have taken most of my time, I have been rewarded by serving on other charity and volunteer activities in different fields of interest.

Thanks again for visiting my website.  I would appreciate hearing from you.  My email address is:  r.fujii@computer.org.


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