Charity and Other Activities

I support my church activities and other volunteer activities that are important part of my personal life.  These activities are listed below.

            • Church Activities
              I support my church during special funding events and celebration of the “Annual Harvest” festivities.  I help with the setup of festival booths, food preparation and distribution, and overall area clean up activities.  The “Annual Harvest” festivities draws hundreds of dancers performing the traditional Japanese dances with participants dressed in traditional, colorful Japanese dance kimonos.  It is a wonderful celebration that brings the church members and local community together in an annual celebration of thanks for a bountiful annual harvest.


            • Women In Engineering
              As Vice President at Northrop Grumman and in my role as IEEE Division VIII Director (Board of Directors), I have attended in Women In Engineering events.  As Vice President, I encouraged active participation in WIE events in Southern California and sent my senior women program manager to attend those events.


            • Wounded Warriors Program
              As Vice President at Northrop Grumman, I was one of the Northrop Grumman senior representatives that supported Wounded Warrior events held in the Southern California and San Diego region.  Working with my Human Resources manager, I was part of the Northrop Grumman Wounded Warriors employment program that sought to assimilate our military service personnel into the aerospace workforce.


            • Golf Club President
              As President of the Logicon Golf Club, I schedule all golf tournaments for the year, handle all golfer’s handicaps, and organize the monthly tournaments.  Since golf is one of my main sports activities, this volunteer work fits perfectly with my personal passions.